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Here you’ll find links to all of my previous events shoots, and it’s certainly a diverse list. For each shoot you’ll find a Preview with some of my favourite images and a link to my Pro-Gallery where you’ll be able to see all of the images and order prints and a number of other photographic gifts.

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18th July – The Physic Garden in Hitchin! Book launch (Preview) (Pro-Gallery)

I was asked along to cover the launch of the most recent publication from the Hitchin Historical Club which describes the plants and history of the Physic Garden in Hitchin which contains plants with medical and household uses.



28th January – Paul’s 70th Birthday celebration (Preview) (Pro-Gallery)

Many people hold many different celebrations, however sometimes if you’re enjoying the event it’s difficult for you to capture memories for yourself. On this “special” birthday celebration, I was there to act as official photographer and take a series of formal and informal images of people enjoying the party!



22nd November – Hitchin Symphony Orchestra 2014 (Preview) (Pro-Gallery)

It’s always great to get a repeat gig and attending one of Hitchin Symphony Orchestra’s concerts is always a treat. Here I was asked to shoot some informal portraits of the musicians rehearsing, and then formal shots of orchestra, guest soloist, and special guests.



25th October – Fire Fire! Book launch (Preview) (Pro-Gallery)

I’ve now been adopted as the official photographer for Hitchin Historical Society, so I was asked to cover their third book launch this year for “Fire Fire!” by Phil Howard. This book details the contents of Fireman Fisher’s life through his Hitchin diary from 1926 to 1929.


19th July – Dogs of War Wrestling

This was an interesting shoot! An access all areas pass, allowed me to get up close and personal with the wrestlers and pretty much in the ring as the bouts were fought, and brought some truly exciting images full of colour, action and movement.



12th July – Jewellery Party

Charming Threadwares had decided to run a jewellery party to promote her work and I was asked to cover this event and to show the displays and the customers enjoying the range of jewellery that was on offer.



28th June – Remembered with Pride. Book Launch (Preview) (Pro-Gallery)

Continuing my association with Hitchin Historical Society I was asked to cover the launch of “Remembered with Pride” by Jean M Handley which details the lives, events and sacrifices made by boys who attended the Hitchin Boys British School. This launch was particularly poignant since it was held in the British Schools museum in Hitchin and coincided with 100th Anniversary of the start of world war one and the unveiling of a plaque to recognise boys from the school who had died in the hostilities.



 8th March – Carriages to Cars. Book Launch (Preview) (Pro-Gallery)

“Carriages to cars” by Steven Bradford-Best tells the story of Ralph E. Sanders and Sons a carriage maker from Hitchin who turned to car production during the 80 years the company run. The book launch was held in the Priory Hitchin and a number of Sanders carriages were brought from all over the country to celebrate the launch of this book.


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