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For almost any business the ability to present their products in the best possible light is an absolute necessity. With the rise of internet commerce the importance of good product photography has never been greater.

With studio lighting and different sets/backdrops I’m able to set up many different styles of shot depending on what suits your need and the product.

Services Offered

I consider product photography to fall into 3 distinct area;

Product and detail shots

Here the aim is to not only show an overview of the product but any important details or features.





With lifestyle photography the aim is to show the product in a lifelike setting, perhaps with other details to set the scene and elicit a mood or feeling.





With so many products being sold or promoted on the web a clear, ready to use, cut-out image that will sit on white page is almost a necessity to show of your product at it’s best.

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Andrew Hyde Photographer

Andrew Hyde Photographer

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