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Business is as much about selling the company, as it is about selling your products and services.

For many people the first place to seek out a new supplier will be the internet, and most customers shop with their eyes. Therefore the impression you create with the images on your web site or printed material is paramount. In the modern world the importance of having a series of high quality images to illustrate; the facilities your company has, the products it supplies and even the people who work their cannot be overstated.

You will often find that set of images produced for one purpose can be used over and over again, not just in your formal advertising and promotional material but within social media such as Facebook or Linked-in raising your customers perception.

Services Offered

I divide my commercial work into 2 areas (although they often merge) Product and Commercial;

IMG_9898Product photography

Here the aim is two fold; to let your customers see your products in detail, and to highlight details which make your product better than the rest, and to show the products could improve the customer’s lifestyle.

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IMG_2834Commercial photography

This is all about selling your company and isn’t so much about “what you”, but rather “how you do it”, and aims to show off the premises and facilities you can offer, as well as promoting the people that make your company.

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Previous Shoots

Have a look at some of my previous commercial and product shoots (Commercial and Product).

Upcoming Shoots

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Andrew Hyde Photographer

Andrew Hyde Photographer

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