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I’ve been interested in photography for over 30 years, but now I’m turning my hobby into a professional interest.

How I got started
IMG_0012I first developed an interest in photography when I was around 12, and very quickly became engrossed in the subject as a whole. As I child I had my dark room set-up in the bathroom, developed and printed all my own black and white photos, and longed for the day I could afford to buy film on a regular basis and not just when my pocket-money and the reduced counter in the Co-op allowed.

The move to Canon equipment
Over the years I’ve moved from one camera to the next and now I’ve settled on Canon equipment – not because I feel it’s better than Nikon or any of the other manufacturers – but simply because it’s something I know well, and it delivers the goods.

IMG_4083The photographic process
As my photography matured I’ve learnt that to deliver truly great images you have to consider the whole process. I believe that pre-visualising your image is key, and that capturing the shot in the camera is only the start of the creative process. I make no excuse for the full use of digital manipulation in my photography so that the final image is presented in it’s very best light and concisely represents the concept I want to convey and what was in my mind’s eye before I even took the camera from its case.

Hitchin Camera Club and being an EAF Panel Judge
Since 2009 I’ve been involved with Hitchin Camera Club and have been Chairman for the club since 2012. Within the club I organise and lead a number of the clubs events, and in 2015 I qualified as an EAF panel judge which qualifies me to judge photographic competitions across East Anglia.

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Andrew Hyde Photographer

Andrew Hyde Photographer

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