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Guido and Sarah’s Engagement shoot

I’m a regular visitor to Wrest Park near Siloe in Bedfordshire however this summer I had the change to visit there in a professional capacity. One of this year’s wedding couples, Guido and Sarah wanted to do an engagement shoot as part of their wedding package and since we all love Wrest Park it seemed to be a great place to go As part of my wedding service I always like to meet the couple at least twice prior to the wedding, so with a sunny Sunday forecast killing two birds with one stone seemed ideal.

We met in the cafe, and spent an hour or so reviewing the wedding day plans before heading out into the gardens of Wrest park.

Our first stop was the walled orchard near the main entrance. Here the walls made a lovely backdrop to some individual and couple portrait shots. Working in the walled orchard worked really well since I could position Guido and Sarah to either make use of, or avoid the weak sun which I was able to couple with a little bit of flash to get some wonderfully soft flattering light.

Initially Guido and Sarah were a little bit self-concious about posing, however with a few jokes and some gentle teasing they soon started to relax and then we could really get some great shots.

What I hadn’t realised though, until Guido and Sarah started to get a bit bashful and giggly was that whilst I’d been concentrating on the photography a group of about 20 people had stopped to watch what was going on!

I’d asked Guido and Sarah to prepare a list of ideas, and one which seemed like particular fun to hold hands so that they made a heart; so that was next on the list.

We then walked round to one on my favourite parts of the Wrest park the stone bridge. This gave lots of different options, with Guido and Sarah standing on different parts of the bridge. Of all the shots on the bridge I think this is my favourite with Guido and Sarah looking out across the water and the sun providing a lovely rim light.


As we moved on to the river bank the sun really started to come out, so I asked Guido and Sarah to walk backwards and forwards for me while I walked backwards in front of them shooting into the sun. This gave a lovely highlight on Sarah’s hair which inspired me to post-process this image to have a real warm summer evening look.

We then strolled through the gardens until we came across one of the many follies. Inside the folly was a beautiful blue wall which in the partial shade made a lovely back drop, as well as providing a couple of handy ledges where I could could pose Guido and Sarah.

This was a really fun shoot, and after an hour of so Guido and Sarah had a great set of engagement photos to use and felt relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

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