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Electric Guitar

This was an interesting little project where a professional musician asked me to take some pictures of one of his electric guitars to use as promotional shots.

ce9a6144ce9a6181I knew my customer was looking for something a bit more interesting that straight product or record shots, so I started thinking about how I could give these photos a really unique “edge”…. And that’s what fired my imagination, thinking about edges. A few years ago I did a series of photos using a technique called light painting, where the photographer sets the shot up in darkness, and then using an exposure of several minutes lights different parts of the subject using different coloured lights. This seemed like the ideal project to use this technique.

ce9a6131So I set up a number of shots with the guitar in different positions and on different backgrounds, and tied “light painting” in a several different styles. Each of the shots took several minutes to make as I moved around in almost complete darkness applying some red light here a, blue tinge there, a broad sweep of white and so on to build up different layers of light. Only one I’d completed the whole exposure could I see the final image.


At the end of the shoot I had the Guitar on the stand, couldn’t resist bringing out my trusty smoke machine to create the “stage” shot you see below.


The finished photos were described as “Amazing”, and my customer is planning to use the shot at the top of this post showing the head of the guitar as his next album cover, which would be fantastic as that will the third time one of my images has been used in that way.


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