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Lee’s Rowing Half Marathon

This weekend brought a rather unusual assignment – a charity event with a difference. Lee Gibbs set himself the target of rowing a distance equivalent to half a marathon – over 21 Km (13.1 miles) – to raise money for the MS society, although this is an impressive and worthy feat in itself, what makes it remarkable is the Lee himself suffers from MS and NMO and needs a wheelchair to get around!


Rather than describing the day myself, I’ll let Lee explain in his own words, taken from his Just Giving page.

On the 27th August 2016 I will be taking on one of my biggest challenges to date. I will be doing a half marathon on the rowing machine at Peak Physique & Fitness Gym Hitchin, with all the money raised going to a great cause, “The MS Society”.

They help people with Multiple Sclerosis in so many ways from weekly Physiotherapy and Pilates classes, monthly lunches (MS friends) where you can meet other MS sufferers and their carers and grants for essential equipment, the list goes on. It truly is amazing, and the people who volunteer are some of the most kindest people I have met.

For those of you who don’t know me, 4 1/2 years ago my life completely changed. I was diagnosed with an A- typical form of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica). Within this short time I have had 3 major relapses each causing permanent damage to my Spinal Cord and Optic Nerves. Each day I face challenges but my positive attitude and sheer determination and grit give me the strength to never give up and fight this disease in every way I can.

Because of all of the above I have wanted to find some way that I could give back to the charity that has really helped me and my family over the last few years. With many standard ways to raise money near on impossible for me to take part in due to my disabilities, I decided to come up with something different.

Since taking a keen interest in going to the gym, primarily to just keep active what use I have of my legs but also to maintain strength in my upper body to propel myself in my wheelchair, I became a fan of the rowing machine as its technique is a similar motion to what I use in my wheelchair. My legs don’t really aid me when using the rowing machine, its all in my upper body but it’s something I really enjoy.

To achieve my goal of rowing half a marathon on a rowing machine, I will need to work through all the aches and pains that have become apart of my everyday life. I am determined to complete this event to give back to such a worth while charity. Knowing I’ve done something to help maybe one day find a cure for MS will comfort me in my recovery from the event.

If after reading this you feel you would like to donate however big or small please do, you’ll be helping to make someones life with MS that much better.

Below you’ll find a slide show of the pictures I took on the day below, and please can I urge you visit Lee’s Just Giving page and make a contribution. So far I pleased to report Lee has already doubled his fund raising target.

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