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Product shoot for Nifty Audio

This week brought an interesting challenge. Nifty Audio Limited of Stevenage had a new product to launch, but despite their best efforts they hadn’t been able to produce photos that really showed off the item, so rather than spend more time, they called me to produce the photos for them.

R33 - 2-2520

TR33 - 8-2586he REV33 is a new pro audio product. I won’t claim to understand quite what it does, or how it does it, but this tiny piece of electronics processes a headphone signal, giving a warmer, clearer sound which reduces fatigue. Currently the REV33 is aimed at singers and professional musicians, however the technology may filter down into consumer products too.

This product is new to the UK, and Nifty Audio Limited from Stevenage – the UK distributors – needed some product shots to show off these devices.

The shots needed to show detail of the item itself, how it would be used with a radio receiver and the 8 different colours. Fortunately Nifty Audio Limited were able to leave a complete set of products including a couple of radio packs with me for a couple of days which gave me plenty of time to do the shoot.

One thing that isn’t immediately obvious is just how tiny these devices are – they’re just over 1 1/2″ square and this was one of the challenges I had to address when taking the shots. Fortunately with my experience of shooting jewellery for Charming Threadwares I was comfortably up to the task.

For all of these shots I used studio flash and shot with a prime lens. This gave me plenty of event light and meant I could use a small aperture to ensure everything was in focus and make sure that the white background was a true white, whilst getting as much detail as possible into the images.

R33 - 6-2561R33 - 6-2560R33 - 6-2559

Having a good understanding of what Nifty Audio were looking for meant I was able to suggest a number of variations on their shooting list and some extra shots which I think will really add value. I was also able to get a set of rushes back quickly for review which highlighted the need for a couple of extra shots, which were quickly taken and sent back.

All in all this was a very enjoyable project, and I look forward to working with Nifty Audio Limited again.

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If you’d like to learn more about the REV33 and Nifty Audio Limited follow this link



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