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Moz and Helen’s Wedding Reception

This was a fun little shoot! Morris and Helen had recently got married in Las Vegas and wanted to hold a small party for close friends and family, and they asked me if I’d cover the evening to give them some photos to record the event.


Morris, or Moz has he prefers to be called and Helen wanted a really down to earth party for their friends and family which was simply about having a good time. So they simply hired caterers, bar staff, a disco, the village hall and myself!

IMG_8312I’ve worked with Moz a few times before so I had a good idea of what his tastes were and knew that he’d be quite happy for me to go out on limb with the type of shots I took to do something a bit left field (which sums up Moz nicely). Mos is leader of the Dogs of War Wrestling team who compete in the UBW (Ultimate British Wrestling federation) and I’ve done several shoots for them now covering both their wrestling matches (click here to see a write-up of their wrestling bout from April 2015) and a portrait shoot for the wrestlers (click here to see those photographs). Having met a number of Moz’ friends before through the wrestling shoots I knew I had a willing set of people who would pose for me made getting everything going much easier.


IMG_8318IMG_8377Marston Mortaine village hall is quite a large venue so there was plenty of space to work, which really helped with getting some of the larger groups together, however there was a problem I wasn’t expecting. The room was heated with large infra-red heaters which whilst they were effective at heating the room, also filled the room with an lurid red light that overpowered almost everything. Fortunately I came up with 2 solutions to the problem;

Firstly, I fell back on one of my favourite techniques – combining flash and ambient light. This allowed me to create a pool of bright white light around the subject and then capturing the red light to turn everything red and create an effective background. My second option was simply to change to black and white so the colour cast didn’t show.

Since this was such an informal affair there were no speeches, there was no cake to be cut and even the first dance was a remarkably relaxed so it appears Moz and Helen achieved their aim.

If you’d like me to shoot an event for you please use the contact page (click here) to make an enquiry.

To see the full set of photos click here to visit my Pro-Gallery.








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