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Book Blog Photo-shoot

It’s always nice to get repeat work, even if it’s my girlfriend wanting some new photos for her book blog (TurningPages90), however the great thing with shoots like that is I get to try out different things both during the shoot and in post processing, and (even though I say it myself) I get to see how much my photography has improved.


For this shoot my brief was quite simple, re-shoot and update a number of existing shots, and add a few new ones (like the feature image for this page). For the above shot Kay had an idea about what she wanted, but not really any idea how to achieve it, although that’s where I come in to convert the idea into reality. The basis of this picture was a something Kay had seen on the internet (where else?)  of a woman with an open book held in front of her which had been partially burnt, and the woman in the original was blowing the smoke and ashes towards the camera. Kay’s vision was the same sort of thing, but with words, just as you see above.


In order to bring her blog up to date, Kay wanted me to repeat some of the shots I’d previously and literally shoot like for like new versions.

The first of the shots to be redone was a picture of Kay with a pile of (some of) her books. From this one I think its really clear how much better I’ve got at lighting backgrounds and lighting portraits full stop.


The next one to do was the straight down shot showing Kay amongst her books, on the right. I always think this is great fun shot to do and uses a technique I use a lot now
for group shots at weddings. Again hopefully you’ll be able to see the attention to detail is very much better both in terms of the lighting and the detail in the composition

The last of these series of shots is shown below showing Kay surrounded by 2 piles of her books.

All of the originals of these are shown at the bottom of this post so you can compare the old and new versions.


The final shot Kay wanted was something new. Again based on a photo seen elsewhere. The aim was to show Kay reading on a summer’s day. The original photograph for this had been done in black and white, and was very clear with a high contrast. Although I was able to reproduce the original version without any difficulty, I though the shot would look better if it showed the warmth of summer. So for my version of this shot I re-processed the image to reduce the contrast, warm-up the image with a custom white balance, and to finally finish of the processing with some added haze and a little bit of soft focus to make it look more “dreamy”.


If you’d like some photographs to promote your blog or business, use the contact page to get in touch. Or why not check-out Kay’s blog “Turning Pages 90” here!

Here are the old and new images side-by-side.

IMG_9557 IMG_7552



IMG_9526 IMG_7587


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