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Portrait shoot for John and Brenda

This weekend brought a request to do a quick portrait shoot for a couple to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary, so set-up my studio in Hitchin and set about pulling together a few shots.


IMG_7519My brief for this shot was quite simple, John and Brenda simply wanted a portrait of the 2 of them to go into a special frame they’d been given as a gift, other than that everything was up to me. I chose a modern contemporary theme, so opted for a simple white background and a couple of softboxes for the main lighting.

IMG_7488Once everything was set-up I took a few test shots to make-up I was ready to go as soon as John and Brenda arrived. John and Brenda arrived a few minutes early which gave me time to talk through what I though we could do and see if there was anything that caught their imagination.

For many people the first time they enter a photographic studio is often a bit daunting with the studio lighting, the big empty backdrop and of course being the centre of attraction, so to help get John and Brenda ready to the studio I took a few shots to give the lighting a final test and to let them see how everything worked. With that done the shoot could start properly.

Like many photographers I have standard poses which always give good results, so we started with some standing shots. I often find that having a prop to work with makes my subjects feel more comfortable, so after the standing poses we moved onto a number of seated shots using my favourite director’s chair. Working with a chair allows me to use several different set-ups quite quickly, and also is a great way to deal with people of differing heights.


IMG_7499One thing that did surprise me was how giggly John and Brenda got during the shoot but I think that just helped them relax, and helped me get some natural fun shots.

After about 20 minutes I was happy that I’d got everything I needed, so I checked with John and Brenda to see if there was anything else they wanted to do before offering them a head and shoulders profile shot. We so many people using social media, or appearing in company websites I always think it’s useful to have a good profile shot available.

Once I finished post processed I was able to put together a set of images that I think really conveyed the fun side of John and Brenda’s character. I new John and Brenda were soon to go on holiday so rather than keeping them waiting for a memory stick or CD to arrive in the post I set the files to them via which allows me to send large files quickly across the internet and which are easy to download.

Has always I also uploaded a copy of the images onto to my Pro-Gallery so they can be easily shared and viewed whenever John, Brenda and their friends and family want to.

Click here to see the full set of images on my Pro-Gallery.

If you’d like to organise a photo shoot for yourself, your friends or family use the contact form here to get in touch.




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