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Resonance at Digswell Village Hall in aid of CDA

Saturday night wouldn’t be Saturday night without live music! This particular Saturday night Resonance, the Herts based covers band, were playing Digswell Village hall in aid of CDA (Community Development in Africa). I went along to enjoy the event, but needless to say I had a camera in my pocket.


As a fund raiser in aid of CDA (Community Development in Africa) Resonance were playing at Digswell Village hall near Welwyn in Hertfordshire. CDA is a charity which aims to improve community life in developing countries especially Africa and has raised over £100,000 since it started in 2007. The CDA is mainly formed and run by colleagues of Afinity Water, and prides itself that no overheads costs are taken and hence all of the money raised at their events go directly to the communities the CDA is supporting. The event was a sell-out with around a hundred paying guests,who raised money for the charity though their tickets, the charity bar and of course the raffle.

The band opened with “Big Black horse and a Cherry Tree” by K T Tunstall – one of my personal favourites – and then moved on through a variety of rock and pop covers including; The Rolling Stones, Carole King, The 52’s and of course the ubiquitous Abba medley. You can learn more about Resonance here (

DSCF9715Since this was a night out I decided against taking my Canon 7D and a selection of lenses, and for convenience I took my compact camera – the beautifully retro Fuji X10 – with an off-camera flash in the car for “just-in-case”. Although a compact camera the X10 has a relatively large sensor, despite this it was always going to find the poor lighting of a concert difficult, however the fast F2.0 lens and a setting of 800 ISO, let me shoot at 1/80th of a second all evening. By shooting in full manual I avoided the camera’s meter from being confused by the rapidly changing stage lighting. With a relatively large aperture selected I could balance a fast enough shutter speed (to prevent movement) against a manageable ISO (reducing the amount of noise).

DSCF9732All of my images are individually post processed in Light Room and Photo Shop to get the best from each shot. Building on the work I’d done last year around shooting at higher ISO’s this allowed me to post process images to produce sharp clear shots with minimal noise even in the difficult lighting conditions of a concert.

Shooting Resonance’s gig was a fun evening, raising nearly £1000 for CDA and very different to the last concert I shot (Hitchin Symphony Orchestra’s 85th St Cecilla’s day concert (see more on that shoot here), and was a good way continue to refine my skills. I’ll be approaching Resonance soon, to see if they’d like to organise a shoot.

If you’d like me to come along and shoot your gig or event, drop me a line via the contact form (click here).

You can see a preview of the shoot below but the full set of photos can be found on my Pro-Gallery here.



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