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Welcome to my new web site

After weeks of work (and several months of procrastinating) I’m pleased to announce that my new web site is up and running. Let me give you a tour of the new site and it’s features;

A quick guide to the new site

About my websiteAs you can see the web site is blog based which allows me to keep it up to date much more easily and lets you see examples of my photography more easily.

Each area has some content already, but I’ll be adding new articles regularly and moving pages across from the old site (Click here to see the old site for comparison).

So, let's start the tour...
  • Home
    Clicking on the words “andrew hyde photographer” will bring you back to the home page.
  • Menus
    Across the top of the page you’ll find a series of menus which take you to different parts of the site. Clicking on the top level menus (What’s New, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, etc.) will show you an introductory page for that subject, however most of these have sub-menus which give more information (for example under portrait photography you’ll find pages describing the services I offer, and links to previous shoots).
  • Latest Post
    Here you’ll find the first few lines of the latest post describing what it’s about and a featured image. If you want to go back to a previous post checkout the Recent Posts list, or use the search or filter tools.
  • Featured Posts
    Here you’ll find links to some of my favourite posts. This guide page will stay in the featured posts lists for some while so you can come back to it easily.
  • Search Tool
    Up in the top right hand corner is a search tool, which will help you find posts on a specific subject.
  • Cloud Links
    This area shows all of the tags used on the site, so will help you find particular articles. The larger the text the more articles apply.
  • Recent Posts
    In the centre of the page you’ll find a list of the last 10 posts so you can quickly go to anything from the last few weeks.
  • Copyright Notes
    I own the copyright for all photographs shown on my website, or Pro-Gallery but (with very few exceptions) I’m happy to license my images.
  • Filter Posts
    One final way to look for posts is via the filters. Here you can search for posts by month or category.
Good places to start...

WWhat's Newhy not start with the “What’s New” menu (top left of the screen), here you’ll find a list of all of my recent shoots.



Recent Posts

You could also check out the “Recent posts” area  (middle of the screen), to see the most recent articles.





If you’d like to learn more about me, then simply click on the “About” menu.


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Andrew Hyde Photographer

Andrew Hyde Photographer

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All images are copyright of Andrew Hyde Photographer and may not be reproduced without permission. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a print of any image or license the image for your own use.

Welcome to my new website


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