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Paul Rivett – Thanks

I recently had a call from 2 friends asking if I could help them with a Thank You gift for Paul Rivett three times Clio Cup Champion. This is the story of the special image I put together for them.

Paul Rivett

Many years ago (when Photoshop was new) I put together a series of pictures in panorama format for my family and friends that combined a set of images into a montage which were very successful at the time, but it was technique I put aside having “done that”. However, my good friends Mark and Claire wanted a special gift for a friend of their’s, racing driver PaulRivett, as a thank you for the time and friendship he’d shown them over the last couple of years, and so they commissioned me to create another image for them using photos of their son James with Paul.

sauze 2008A series of emails ensued delivering lots of new Clio Cup theme’d images, however I was working to a tight time-scale to not only complete the image, but get Mark and Claire’s approval, get the image printed, mounted, framed and delivered in time for the last race meeting of the season just 10 days away. Fortunately I had a really good idea what Mark and Claire wanted so I was able to quickly put together a draft, and then just make a few tweaks before sending the file off to the printers.

The final mounted picture was delivered on Friday afternoon just in time for the the weekend’s racing!


Please contact me if you’d like to enquire about about having one of these images prepared. They’re a great way to show highlights of a holiday or event, a child as they grow, or simply to get a picture of “everyone” when they can’t actually get together in one place.

A mounted framed image 15″ X 5″ like the one above, using up to 10 of your photos is available for £50. Please enquire about larger or more complex images.


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