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Choosing a New Logo

As part of the Hitchin Initiative Calendar project for 2015, along with the sponsors I was asked to provide a logo that could be used on the calendar and promotional materials. So, here’s my new logo and the story behind it.

Andrew Hyde Photographer Logo

Choosing the text

Andrew Hyde Photographer LogoI knew that the logo would be quite small when printed so I was looking for something quite small and simple, which simply conveyed the message of who I was and what I did. Having scoured the internet for inspiration I decided that the best approach would be to simply present my name in simple text. Since I know that “Andrew Hyde Photographer” brings back my web site as the first result in Google choosing the words was easy. I then wanted my name to be in a different font from the word photographer. Several experiments results in this; “Andrew Hyde” in black in bold, and “Photographer” in normal text in white.


The need for a Graphic

However, I didn’t feel that even though 1 of the 3 words was “Photographer” this conveyed what I did well enough so the next step was to add some graphics. Initially I’d hoped to use the Red Pepper splash photo you see in the banner above, however I felt this was to complex and a simple graphic image would be better. Again looking on the internet helped me choose a camera as part of my logo, but all of the clip art I saw was too complicated, so I decided to simply draw what I wanted myself. At this point I quickly discovered that my free hand drawing even using a Bamboo tablet really wasn’t up to scratch. So I switched into Gimp and created the following basic camera shape.Andrew Hyde Photographer Logo

This was beginning to look good, but the basic camera shape with sharp edges and right angles seemed stuffy and inflexible, so I wanted to soften the image up again. After several more attempts at freehand drawing I gave up and simply traced the shape I’d drawn in Gimp.Andrew Hyde Photographer Logo

This finally gave me the mix of informality and accuracy I was after.



Adding some colour

I’ve been using the Red pepper splash in the banner bar for quite a while and on business cards etc. so red was the obvious choice, however a solid block of red just seemed to be too much, so I added a vignette just to darken the corners. There was a brief flirtation with a swirl under the words I couldn’t get the shape I was looking for and it just seemed unnecessary, leaving the final version you see below;

Andrew Hyde Photographer Logo




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Andrew Hyde Photographer

Andrew Hyde Photographer

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