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The Harrington Family

Following on from a Birthday party photo shoot in December 2013 I was asked to produce a series of portrait shots for the Harrington family. The Harrington’s were able to come to my studio one Sunday morning and we quickly produced a range of shots (including a business portrait for Dad), ready to use as family gifts. In addition to the more usual portrait shots I also took some fun shots using inflatable instruments to turn the Harrington’s into a Rock Band!

IMG_1263The Harrington’s were after a set of family and individual portraits for their own home album, but also some images to us as golden wedding anniversary presents for the grandparents. It turns out the Harringtons lived literally just up the road from me, so we are able to arrange the shoot to be on a Sunday morning on their way out to visit relations.

A group family portrait was the number one order of business, however  I wanted to give the Harringtons more than that, so we set about shooting a range of different portraits using different combinations of people, and different styles to give them a range of images to choose from. I even managed to convince Mum and Dad to have a picture together!

IMG_1319One of the fun shoots I set up was to form the Harringtons into a rock band using a series of inflatable props, and I know that “someone” loved being a guitarist and that this really broke the ice! The Rock band shoot is something I do quite regularly now since not only great fun thing to do, but it’s a really good way to get the energy going and help everyone to relax. I’m always conscious of the fact the many people aren’t confident in front of the camera so my first job is always to start building a relationship with my clients. This process starts when they initially contact me, and continues through the shoot and afterwards. I always like to get my subjects to try the set out for size before we start shooting and to talk through some ideas so we both know what’s going to happen, and if I can get people to laugh then that’s even better.

Please feel free to contact me to if you’re interested in having either some individual or group portraits taken (Contact).

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