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Lenny and Becky’s Wedding

A fantastically colourful wedding held in Chelmsford Cathedral with elements of 2 different cultures coming together perfectly,  just like Lenny and Becky.



6th April 2013

Service - Chelmsford Cathedral
Reception - Pontlands Park Hotel Chelmsford.

IMG_8020Lenny and Becky’s wedding was an interesting one to shoot, because of the way they chose to blend their two different cultures and backgrounds. The day had a traditional feel, with Becky in her white dress and Lenny and the groom’s men in morning suits, however day was infused with Indian colour, the bridesmaids, and page boys looking fantastic in their Indian dress.

IMG_5428Becky’s family had a reputation for military precision and that’s the way the day ran, with everything running smoothly and to time. From the getting ready shots at Becky’s childhood home, to the service in the magnificent Chelmsford Cathedral, to the lovely setting for the reception in Pontlands Park Hotel.

The day had an interest twist which I didn’t learn until the reception; Lenny had never been to a wedding in the UK before his own! This apparently led to some interesting evenings as Becky taught Lenny about our traditions almost exclusively through You-Tube Videos, and I have to say (as someone who goes to a lot of weddings) she did a good job Lenny’s speech at the reception was one of the best I’ve heard.

The wedding had another interesting theme running through it… Cricket! The frequency with which a cricket bat appeared was quite astounding, an led to a number of interesting candid shots at the reception, and very interesting portrait of Lenny bowling to Becky (still in morning suit and wedding dress) with the groom’s men and many other cricket club members fielding in the slips (visit the Pro-Gallery to see that shot).

In one final flourish Lenny and Becky impressed everyone with a fantastic first dance! This wasn’t a slightly stumbling affair with a few wrong foot falls, but a demonstration of one of the other things Lenny and Becky share, ballroom dancing!

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