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Lee and Michelle’s Wedding

I had a series of short journeys around Hertfordshire from Hitchin (my home) to Baldock where Michelle was getting ready to Norton for the service and then onto Henlow for the reception to cover Lee and Michelle’s wedding on 10th July 2010. This was certainly a day full of characters – See highlights of their wedding here.  EOS 40D IMG_1473        

10th July 2010

Service - St Nicolas Church, Norton, Hertfordshire

Reception - The Airman, Henlow, Bedfordshire

IMG_0982 Starting off at Michelle’s parent’s house in Baldock allowed me to set up the “getting ready” shots, including all of what I would call the classics, pictures of the bride’s shoes, bow-ties being fastened, Bridesmaids excitedly putting on their new dresses and of course a rather pensive father of the bride. I always like to take pictures of the wedding dress, shoes and corsage before the bride needs them. This allows me to spend some time putting together still-life images around these items. Most wedding dresses have a story attached, and a lot of thought will have gone into choosing them so think it’s important to capture these details. EOS 350D DIGITAL IMG_0052At the church Lee is waiting nervously and it’s nice to spend some time with Lee and his grooms-men as they await Michelle’s arrival. One of the pictures I always like to take now is what I call the “Reservoir Dogs” shot. Here I shoot from low down and ask the groom and his grooms-men to pose aggressively and show some attitude. This usually breaks down in to fits of laughter which is great to get everyone relaxed in front of the camera, and lead to picture of lead below.   IMG_1050 EOS 40D IMG_1193 After the ceremony the church yard of St Nicolas provided some great spaces to work in. In the middle of July the sun was fully out and would have lead to pictures of the bride, groom and guests squinting in the harhs midday sun. Having visited the church for the wedding rehersal, I knew that I could ask the guest to move down towards the southern end of the church yard where I was able to make use of the dappled shade from the trees that surrounded the site.   EOS 40D IMG_1187I was also able to set up a special shot that Michelle had asked for during our initial meeting. It was based on a film where the camera looks over the hero’s shoulder to see the heroine looking up into her love’s eyes.   IMG_1086You’ll notice the young couple to the right, and you may be wondering what sparked such interesting and different reactions from the bridesmaid and page boy. Simple. I just asked if they were getting married next!   EOS 40D IMG_1643Once all of the formal shots had been completed it was quickly onto the reception. At the Airman pub in Henlow they had provided a fantastic marque with a star studded roof and plenty of space to move around. As the evening progressed the guests and happy couple moved in and out of the marque into a gorgeous summer’s evening which gave a whole new set of possibilities using the ambient light as the sun set known as the golden hour because of the shadow free warm light.

 Click here to view all photos from the day (Lee and Michelle)

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